SF Mime Troupe - Don't Miss the Bus!

Don't miss the bus!
SF Mime Troupe's Summer Show
SCHOOLED closing this weekend!
  • 3rd - Peacock Meadow, Golden Gate Park, JFK Drive b/t McLaren Lodge and Conservatory, SF, 2pm
  • 4th-5th - Final Performances! Dolores Park, 19th & Dolores Streets, SF, 2pm

"Schooled" ... pillories the flaws in the U.S. education system, especially its dependency on digital technology as a Band-Aid for deeper structural problems - underfunding, the achievement gap - and, in tandem, its overreliance on the corporations that profit from that technology."
Lily Janiak
San Francisco Chronicle

"Schooled is not so much a ham-fisted screed against capitalism, but a critique of neoliberalism   and its insidious ability to make market solutions seem inevitable, unchallengeable, and good for  every last have-not."
Peter Lawrence Kane
SF Weekly

Summer Appeal

Like Summer our Summer Appeal is winding down but we have not raised enough funds to supplement our final paychecks and park bills!  Please show your support by donating an amount that doesn't break your piggy bank!  Read our full appeal letter and/or donate below.   
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