May 2018

Dear Friend,
This is what we've been waiting for
A chance to lead
And do so much more
Show them that we will not give up
Fight against all who are corrupt

The participants in our Youth Theater Project wrote and sang these words just last month but the sentiment is as timeless as our desire for a world that values equality, justice and peace over power and greed. As Trump continues to conduct himself as the supreme leader of his own ego-inflated regime, we must take a page from history and remember that things don't usually end well for despots. Still, we have to be proactive to avoid any collateral damage and stay on task for the midterms.

Forged from the Parkland tragedy, the growing youth movement of 2018 marks a sea change. Just like the anti-war and pro civil rights sentiments sparked the world wide student protests 50 years ago. Or, how struggling workers in Russia and disenfranchised women ignited their own revolutions 100 years ago. Despite the revisionist efforts of Betsy DeVos we will remember our history and teach it to our children. History is the mechanism of progress. By learning from our mistakes we fuel our future successes. During challenging times like this we must remember that each victory is achieved by standing on the shoulders of those who've gone before. Like all great experiments, sometimes the lab gets blown up in the process but you sweep up and move on. And so we do.

Our new show, Seeing Red: A Time-Traveling Musical, will bring us back to a time when a racially diverse group of workers, immigrants and women worked together to literally form a more perfect union, in their factories and in their communities by adhering to simple Socialist ideas. It was a hopeful movement that rang true to so many that it became a threat to what would eventually become known as the military-industrial complex which fed the multinationals that rule us today. Consequently, beginning with the Sedition Act of 1918 through the McCarthy hearings, a conscious effort was made to discredit socialism or anything resembling it. But now, in 2018, the success of the Democratic Socialists in the current primaries is proof that voters want an alternative from what our current Congress is offering: that's the good news.

SFMT has had a ring-side seat for 6 decades of history and we have eagerly offered our stats and color commentary along the way. As we welcome the next generation of Troupers we are more committed than ever to tell the stories of working people from different perspectives in the quest for real communication between us, not just selective "Fake News". But we need your help to do it! This summer, we have no NEA grants and the competition for other organizational funding is fierce. We need the financial support from friends like you to keep us onstage and outspoken as we seek to expand our audiences both demographically and geographically. Please consider your tax-deductible donation as support, not just for us but in honor of those who have gone before. Again, our teen artists sang it best:

What we have learned from the past
Effects our future and makes it last
We'll never be silent
We'll never be quiet
We'll stand our ground
We're revolutionary now!

In Ongoing Solidarity,

The San Francisco Mime Troupe

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