Dear Citizens;

What kind of country would commission a young soldier to free victims from terrorism abroad only to let him become a victim of terrorism at home? Take a guess.

This year our summer show, Freedomland, asks the questions: - Are the police out of control? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? Is a young Black soldier safer in Afghanistan than walking down the streets of his neighborhood? The only thing it is safe to say is there is something very wrong with our rights!

Fortunately, some things are still free - like our summer park shows. The urgency of today's headlines now compel us to take the stage and speak out louder than ever, rallying our audiences into the escalating battle to preserve the rights of all citizens. Adding new parks and post show talk-backs we hope to engage and activate new communities. That's our mission.

Though our shows are free, again the cost of doing them is anything but. In order to speak out, we need to be heard, literally. Last Meyer Sound Laboratories lent us an excellent sound system-with delay speakers-which made the actors clearly audible to everyone. To keep ourselves from backtrack, we need to purchase the basics of the system; this will cost us $9,500. Combine that with permits, porta-potties, union expenses, fuel costs get the picture... we need to raise $55,000 for this season..

Now because of the skyrocketing costs of living and making art in San Francisco, even the generous funders who support the arts are struggling with the volume of grant requests received and cannot fill them all.

So once again, we turn to you to contribute what you can to bring Freedomland to our parks this summer. There are variety of giving options below that we hope will suit you. If you have given before, consider a little bit more so we can do a lot more. And this summer, bring a friend who has never seen us and help dispel the notion that we are silent. We are not and never will be!

In Solidarity of the Rights of All,
San Francisco Mime Troupe

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