Adopt A Bill!

It ain't sexy, it don't sing and dance, but it's the cost of doing biz-ness, plain and simple. Times are tough for everyone, we know, but if you could kick in a few extra dollars by adopting a bill the Mime Troupe will be able to keep the show on the road! Follow the adoption progress from now till the end of the summer by revisting this page! Make your donation at the bottom of the page.

Park Expenses:

$177.15NEW BAND SHADE, protect the instruments from the sun.
Thank you, Meg & Don Harlor AND Kathy Correia & Mark Cashatt!
$302.00GOLDEN GATE PARK PERMIT, yep, we have to pay to play.
      Thank you, Helen!
  now $629.00
DOLORES PARK PERMIT, for two days (holidays cost more).
      Thank you, Paul Lufkin!
  now $2050.00
CARPOOLING MILEAGE, if 22 peeps pooled together, bill gone!
      Thank you, Janet Lohr!!!
$208.00ICE, estimated cost for ALL our remaining shows combined.
      Thank you, Diane Moore!
$249.99HEAVY DUTY TARP, to cover the set over night.
      Thank you, Mary Magee!
$177.00NO PARKING SIGNS, for our truck at Dolores Park.
$1,554.64REMAINING PORTA-POTTY RENTALS, flush this bill away!
$900.00ASL INTERPRETERS for Labor Day show, lend a hand to make the show accessible to all.

Production Expenses:

$150.00 TRUCK TOW, Gay Pride Weekend from Van Ness & California!
      Thank you, Rich & Arlene DeLeon!
  now $963.30
TRUCK REPAIRS, fuel tank cleaned and filters replaced.
      Thank you, Charles Levy!
FIRST AID SUPPLIES, you can never be too safe.
      Thank you, Karen Skold & John and Sue!
$87.90STORE MOBILE PHONE, swipe away this bill!
      Thank you, Debbie & Dan Rodgers!
  now $140.94
NEW HAND TRUCK, to help schlep from truck to set up location.
      Thank you, William Sato!

Payroll & Marketing Expenses:

$210.00 PER DIEM for 1 TROUPER TO TRAVEL NORTH, times 12 Troupers.
$7450.00PUBLICITY, there's no bad publicity but no publicity is bad!
$3,803.70POSTER PRINTING/DISTRIBUTION, help us distribute money back to InkWorks! A fellow, collectively run organization.
$720.00INTERN STIPENDS, help those who help us the most!
$1413.52PAYPAL'S TAKE, if all the Bills are paid via PayPal!
$453.00A WEEK'S SALARY for an ACTOR, MUSICIAN, CREW or STAFF MEMBER, 4 wks left, 14 people to pay - each week!
$4975.50T-SHIRT MERCHANDISE, double your investment by helping us purchase/sell more t-shirts! Plus, pay this completely off and receive a tour of the building, plus 3 clothing items from our stock.
$414.00HOODIE MERCHANDISE, double your investment by helping us purchase/sell more hoodies! Plus, pay this completely off and we will mail you your choice of one clothing item from our stock.
$261.00HAT MERCHANDISE, double your investment by helping us purchase/sell more hats! Plus, pay this completely off and we will mail you a hat or t-shirt of your choice.

Office & Overhead:

  now $1359.90
NEW OFFICE PHONES, call this bill history!
      Thank you, Karen Skold!
$175.68OFFICE PHONE BILL, call your Mother, have her donate.
      Thank you, mud time theater!
$44.95OFFICE INTERNET, used this to create Adopt-A-Bill.
      Thank you, Will Clayton!
$241.50PG&E, "Winter is Coming".
      Thank you, Louise Anderson!
$284.46OFFICE SUPPLIES, paper and tape and binders, oh my!
$190.76WATER BILL, we drink a lot of water working all day in the park!
$570.14COPY MACHINE, PROGRAMS, get your programs!

Select which bill you would like to adopt from the FOUR drop down menus AND let us know if you would like to be acknowledge here on this very page. (If left blank we will acknowledge per you paypal account name.) Then click on the "Pay Now" button and you'll be able to enter the amount you'd like to contribute - you can pay the full bill or just a portion.

Your name as it should appear:
Your name as it should appear:
Your name as it should appear:
Your name as it should appear:

Please enjoy the below video created by Rick Barton
and set to the music of Cloudfire (a local Point Arena Band)!

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