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An AmericanMA(U)L

An American Maul

America is on the brink of economic disaster. But the newly-elected prez has a plan! Dr. Eli Whitney IV has invented a new form of cotton that will revolutionize the garment industry, but there's one small snag - it needs to be handpicked. And the president knows just who to press into service to pick it!

Robert O'Hara's hilarious and scathing political satire explores the eerily timely proposition of what happens to an America in the face of an administration and a populous that will resort to drastic measures, like the revocation of our most treasured freedoms and protections, to save a failing economy. An American Ma(u)l turns its lens on two families, the Jeffersons and the Washingtons, as they struggle to survive in a "new" racially divided America.

Don't miss Rotimi Agbabiaka and Michael Carreiro in An American Ma(u)l! Please be aware that An American Ma(u)l contains strong language and graphic content.

What: An American Ma(u)l
Where: Brava
When: Oct 18 - Nov 11
Ticket info: Click here
Men on Boats

Spinning historical, theatrical, and gender conventions on their heads, this subversive tale of 10 men, four boats, and two rivers contains none of the above.

Pack your gear for this 21st-century telling of 19th-century American explorer and one-armed Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell, who assembles a brawny band of soldiers, trappers, and adventurers to explore the waterways of the American West. Inspired by Powell's actual travel log from 1869, Jaclyn Backhaus's nimble and ingenious script is provocative, laugh-out-loud theater, performed by a diverse cast of female-identifying actors who infuse America's historic myths of male conquest with a sly blast of subtext.

With the speed and force of Powell's white-water rapids, Backhaus conjures her epic story-in which simple materials are transformed into perilous canyons and death-defying cliffs-out of sheer imagination, shaping an innovative and innately theatrical play, that became an off-Broadway sensation.

Don't miss Lisa Hori-Garcia out at sea!

What: Men on Boats
Where: A.C.T.'s Strand Theater
When: Oct 17 - Dec 16
Ticket info: Click here
Hedging the Edge

Take a deep dive into a dirty but glamorous chapter of San Francisco history: the roaring 1970's. A performer with the iconic "Angels of Light" - a sister troupe to the famous "Cockettes" - Denham takes us on a rollicking volkswagen ride through the San Francisco underground arts scene. This is a survival story, set against the colorful background of drag queens, pansexuality, and post hippie counterculture. With bravery, humor and skill, Randy openly and freely examines his fraught sexual past. His stories help us begin to heal our collective sexual wounds. Join us for a riveting evening of live theater. Directed by Joyful Raven (past Troupe intern).

What: Hedging the Edge
Where: Exit Theater
When: Nov 3, 9, 10, 16 @ 8p
Ticket info: Click here
Golden Thread Productions Logo

While trying to navigate the currents of the Pacific, a woman of Arab descent and her nephew, who has enlisted in the military, dip into the treacherous waters of identity, family, and allegiance. A Middle East America: A National New Play Initiative commission, We Swim, We Talk, We Go to War is structurally adventurous and playful, and takes the form of a literal conversation on stage, and expands into a nuanced dialogue about what it means to be American, Arab, and Arab-American at our current moment in time. Lebanese-American writer Mona Mansour returns to Golden Thread for her fourth and most ambitious production to date.

Don't miss Karen Runk stage managing We Swim, We Talk, We Go to War

What: We Swim, We Talk, We Go to War
Where: Golden Thread Productions
When: Nov 16 - Dec 16
Ticket info: Click here
Tuck Everlasting

This winter Michael Gene Sullivan will be appearing at Theatreworks in their production of the musical "Tuck Everlasting".

An enchanting bestseller springs to life in this 1890s tale of Winnie Foster, a free-spirited girl whose search for adventure leads to the Tucks, a close-knit family that has discovered the secret to everlasting life. With a rousing score and a wealth of warm-hearted humor, this whimsical Broadway musical offers Winnie the choice of a lifetime: return to everyday life, or join the Tucks on their infinite, irreversible voyage through time.

What: Tuck Everlasting
Where: Theatreworks
When: Nov 28 - Dec 30
Ticket info: Click here

October West Coast CD Release Tour for: Pardes

Pardes Noam Lemish (former Troupe musician) is so excited to be heading back to the Bay Area as part of an eight day, six city West Coast tour celebrating the release of my new album, 'Pardes' - a recording featuring his collaboration with internationally renowned Israeli jazz guitarist and oudist Amos Hoffman. For these concerts, Amos and he are thrilled to team up with a stellar bay area rhythm section featuring Miles Wick on bass and Alex Aspinall on drums.

For concert dates starting mid October 2018 visit www.hoffmanlemish.com

Songs of Resistance

For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance from the Spanish Civil War

For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance from the Spanish Civil War, which Velina Brown recorded with the Brooklyn-based band Barbez, is now available on iTunes, and on the Barbez website!

Pianola Granola

Pianola Granola

Joel Fadness (musician 2001-2004, 2008, 2012) just released a new album. Genre: Rock/Instrumental Rock. Joel also plays keyboards and drums for children's dance programs in Denver.

More info: Where to buy

Out of Town:


For more information on "1984."
Michael Gene Sullivan's adaptation of George Orwell's "1984," his critically-acclaimed stage adaptation of George Orwell's classic novel, opened at Los Angeles' Actors' Gang Theatre under the direction of Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins. 1984 has had repeated extended runs in LA, and has been produced in Australia, Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Italy, Hong Kong, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Mexico, Greece, and 40 of the United States. Michael's "1984" has been published in the United States, Canada, and Spain, is available in six languages. (English, Spainish, Catalan, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian.)

Michael has been invited to attend the Spring 2019 opening of the Ukrainian translation of his "1984" in Kiev, Ukraine. "1984" also has an up coming production at the Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, Tennessee.

Full list of productions and scripts available at Playscripts, Inc.

Winston Smith is a cog in the giant machine of the State. Physically and mentally under the omnipresent eye of Big Brother, Winston has been caught struggling for scraps of love and freedom in a world awash with distrust and violence. With the brutal "help" of four Party Members, Winston is forced to confess his "Thought-Crimes" before an unseen inquisitor, and the audience -- which acts as a silent witness to his torture. This is a ferocious and provocative adaptation of one of the most prescient works of literature of the last century.
Love and Taxes

Josh Kornbluth (co-writer Mr. Smith Goes to Obscuristan) has a new film out! Love and Taxes, based on Kornbluth's critically acclaimed one person show, will soon be opening nationwide.

Rebecca Klingler

Rebecca Klingler

Rebecca Klingler (actor, Collective Member 1991-1995) has created and stars in a new web series "The Calamities of Jane".

Michael Oosterom

Michael Oosterom

Michael Oosterom (actor, Killing Time, Mr. Smith Goes To Obscuristan) is currently showing off his puppetry and improv skill on "No, You Shut Up!" on Fusion TV.

Telluride Theatre

Sasha Sullivan (SFMT Intern, 1998-99) is the Artistic Director of the Telluride Theatre!

Fear of the Walking Dead As a writer Colman Domingo's (Past SFMT Teacher, Youth Theater Project) most recent play Broadway's "The Donna Summer Musical" just finished it's successful run. Colman is also appearing in "Fear of the Walking Dead," and will be in upcoming Barry Jenkins film, "If Beale Street Could Talk."

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