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Inside Out & Back Again

Shifting Spaces

Gabby Momah can be seen in Inside Out & Back Again

Ten-year-old Hà and her family flee from Vietnam to Alabama, where she dreams of her beloved papaya tree and struggles to adjust in a strange new land. A world premiere by Min Kahng, based on Inside Out & Back Again, Thanhha Lai's award-winning story told in poetry. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

What: Inside Out & Back Again
Where: BACT Berkeley Center
When: March 31 - May 27
Ticket info: click here


The Gangster of Love Come see Lisa Hori-Garcia in the world premiere of THE GANGSTER OF LOVE from Jessica Hagedorn, who presents the theatrical adaptation of her own story of immigration from Manila, based on her book of the same name. Raquel "Rocky: Rivera and her eccentric family settle in the Haight during the 1970s, opening for us a window to a dynamic period of conflict, social change, and artistic flourishing in San Francisco. Featuring live music, poetry reading, and the music video as key narrative forms, this is a story 20 years in the making.

Where: The Magic Theater
When: April 11 - May 6
Ticket info: click here

Father Comes Home From the Wars

Don't miss Rotimi Agbabiaka perform in Father Comes Home From the Wars, Parts 1, 2 & 3.

Hero's master offers him a terrible choice: earn freedom by fighting for the Confederacy, or stay with the woman he loves and remain enslaved. Acclaimed as "funny and tragic, whimsical and lacerating, poetic and poignant" (The Hollywood Reporter), this haunting play fuses classical Greek drama, contemporary wordplay, and the soaring spirit of blues, belonging, heroism, and freedom. A mythic and music-infused journey of one man's soul-and of a nation at war with itself-this "provocative, rich, and irreverently funny" (New York Post) new play reaffirms Parks as one of America's most important voices.

What: Father Comes Home From the Wars
Where: A.C.T.
When: April 25 - May 20
Ticket info: click here

Impure Thoughts (without apology)

Saint Marys' College Logo In 2015, Saint Mary's produced the West Coast premiere of Ken Prestininzi's dark comedy Chaste, about a trio of forward-thinking Victorians; his new play Impure Thoughts (without apology) is based on the inspiring story of the Mexican Nun Sor Juana.

Come see Keiko Shimosato Carreiro's costume design!

What: Impure Thoughts (without apology)
Where: Saint Marys' College of California (LeFevre Theatre, 1928 Saint Mary's Rd, Moraga, CA)
When: April 26 - 29
More info: click here

HEY! MAY DAY PLAY! after the march, before the uprising, come over and play

Pro Arts Logo This "performance game" devised by L.M. Bogad repurposes and detourns the structures of popular role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, to draw audience members into playing actual scenarios from the history of social movements. The inherent joy of play and gaming draws audiences into an imaginative, engaging and at times troubling exploration of turning-point moments from the history of the civil rights movement, the labor movement, and others. Bogad will also present a small collection of radical games from near and far.

What: HEY! MAY DAY PLAY! - Radical Performance Games
Where: Pro Arts @ 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612
When: May 1 @ 7pm-9pm
More info: click here
Contact info: 510-763-4361 / info@proartsgallery.org


Live Music

If you liked the 2017 Mime Troupe band you'll be happy to know the band's getting back together for the 2018 Summer Show! But why wait! Come hear the Andrew Niven Quartet (Andrew Niven & Patrick Byers) play mondern jazz on the Sunday of your choosing.

What: Andrew Niven Quartet
Where: Rockridge Imporvement Club, 5515 College Ave, Oakland
When: Sundays 3p-6p, Every Sunday now until ?

Playwriting-Write Like a Maniac!

Michael Gene Sullivan will be teaching playwriting at the ACT Summer Congress.

Eight Classes

This workshop provides playwrights with practices designed to unleash their wild imagination on stage. It also offers strategies to give voice, and a solid foundational structure, to the often inarticulate urge for justice that hopes to effect change in our changing world. But before changing the world, the playwright must first give themselves permission to tap into the part of their consciousness that creates worlds and then solves those created worlds' problems by their own set of rules. Students will have writing assignments to do as homework between classes. In addition to long-form as well as flash writing exercises, the class will involve movement, acting, and improv. Students will also sometimes be asked to come dressed to move, as some exercises will have us up on our feet.

Playwriting-Write Like a Maniac! is for you if:
  • You already have some experience writing plays and wish to strengthen and expand your sense of structure in your writing.
  • You are a playwright who has a handle on existing dramaturgical structures and wishes to reinvent them.
  • You are a beginning playwright interested in creating activist theater.
What: Playwriting-Write Like a Maniac!
Where: A.C.T.
When: M/W 6/11-7/9 @ 6.30-9.30pm (No class 7/4)
More info: click here

Songs of Resistance

For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance from the Spanish Civil War

For Those Who Came After: Songs of Resistance from the Spanish Civil War, which Velina Brown recorded with the Brooklyn-based band Barbez, is now available on iTunes, and on the Barbez website!

Pianola Granola

Pianola Granola

Joel Fadness (musician 2001-2004, 2008, 2012) just released a new album. Genre: Rock/Instrumental Rock. Joel also plays keyboards and drums for children's dance programs in Denver.

More info: Where to buy

Out of Town:


Learn more about 1984!
Michael Gene Sullivan's adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 will soon be playing at the Los Altos Stage Company, Wie is Van Rommelen performers in Amsterdam, Minnesota State University, Jobsite Theatre in Florida, and at the Drama Theatre on Podal, Kiev, Ukraine Fall. Full list of productions and scripts available at Playscripts, Inc.

Winston Smith is a cog in the giant machine of the State. Physically and mentally under the omnipresent eye of Big Brother, Winston has been caught struggling for scraps of love and freedom in a world awash with distrust and violence. With the brutal "help" of four Party Members, Winston is forced to confess his "Thought-Crimes" before an unseen inquisitor, and the audience -- which acts as a silent witness to his torture. This is a ferocious and provocative adaptation of one of the most prescient works of literature of the last century.

Bruce Barthol

Bruce Barthol will be playing for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives annual event on May 12 in NYC. And he will be on tour in Ireland and the UK from July 12 to August 8!

The King & Logo

Brian Rivera (Doing Good, Posibilidad) is in the Broadway tour of The King and I. Track him down and order your tickets!

Love and Taxes

Josh Kornbluth (co-writer Mr. Smith Goes to Obscuristan) has a new film out! Love and Taxes, based on Kornbluth's critically acclaimed one person show, will soon be opening nationwide.

Rebecca Klingler

Rebecca Klingler

Rebecca Klingler (actor, Collective Member 1991-1995) has created and stars in a new web series "The Calamities of Jane".

Michael Oosterom

Michael Oosterom

Michael Oosterom (actor, Killing Time, Mr. Smith Goes To Obscuristan) is currently showing off his puppetry and improv skill on "No, You Shut Up!" on Fusion TV.

Telluride Theatre

Sasha Sullivan (SFMT Intern, 1998-99) is the Artistic Director of the Telluride Theatre!

The Walking Dead

Colman Domingo (Past Teacher, Youth Theater Project) is currently appearing in The Walking Dead television series and will be in the upcoming film Brith of a Nation.

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