Summer Workshop Schedule 2018

Monday, June 18th @ 4.30p-6p Orientation / 6p-10p Workshop
Tuesday, June 19th @ 6p-10p

Monday, June 25th @ 6p-10p
Tuesday, June 26th @ 6p-10p

Monday, July 2nd @ 6p-10p
Thursday, July 5th @ 6p-10p

Monday, July 9th @ 6p-10p
Tuesday, July 10th @ 6p-10p

Monday, July 16th @ 6p-10p
Tuesday, July 17th @ 6p-10p

Monday, July 23rd @ 1p-5p
Monday, July 23rd @ 6p-10p

Monday, July 30th @ 6p-10p
Tuesday, July 31st @ 6p-10p

Monday, August 6th @ 6p-10p
Tuesday, August 7th @ 6p-10p

Monday, August 13th @ 2p-5p Tech / 6p-10p Tech
Tuesday, August 14th @ 2p-6p Dress Run / Performance @ 7.00p
Wednesday, August 15th @ 11p-3p Mandatory Post Mortem / Clean up

For every hour of class, there's an hour of work exchange.
Eight hours of work exchange must be completed every week of the workshop.
This is a sixteen-hour-per-week commitment.

Participants cannot miss any classes. The workshop is only two days a week, four hours each day. Design your life around it. We only want people who can be committed. If you are determined to join the workshop, but know ahead of time that you must miss one day, then call and plead your case. Otherwise if you miss a class or a work shift without adequate communication, you will be asked to leave the workshop.

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