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Seeing Red

In the last few years we have watched (with pride) the growth and fierce commitment of a new generation of student activists.  Sadly, in most history and social studies classes not much is said about alternative political systems, workers' rights and labor movements. In order for our future leaders and activists to create the world they deserve, they must learn about the struggles of our past.

Knowing that the presidential election of 2020 was going to be critical, we applied, received and adapted a grant to create a radio play/podcast of Seeing Red for middle schools, high schools and colleges for FREE!

There is significant interest from teachers who welcome this opportunity to bring Seeing Red's

unique perspective on history, complete with study guides, into their virtual classrooms.

Contact us if you know a teacher/school who would be interested in having access to Seeing Red!

The NEA $10,000 grant requires an equal match to fulfill the grant stipulations.

So far we have raised $5029!

Help us raise the second half by donating below!

We are also happy to announce, Seeing Red will be available to everyone on Oct 18!

Seeing Red Trailer
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