Treasure Island

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan, Ellen Callas, Marie Cartier
Music Directed by Michael Bello
Lyrics by Daniel Savio
Directed by Wilma Bonet
Asst. Directed by Lisa Hori-Garcia

TREASURE ISLAND featured Andre Amarotico, Lizzie Calogero, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Brian Rivera, and Michael Gene Sullivan.

And band members Dylan Jennings, Chris Lauf, and Daniel Savio

Treasure Island - is it the mythical isle where untold wealth awaits marauding pirates, or the freezing cold, artificial island in the middle of San Francisco Bay awaiting cut-throat developers? Or is it both? That's the question for Jill Hawkins when an old sea-dog of a developer drops anchor in her office at City Hall, and drops a mystery in her lap. "Developers...they scour the map looking for cities with fat purses, ready to be plundered, damn the regulations!" But if Treasure Island is such a wonderful opportunity why has no one developed it yet...? What about the people who live there now? And who is the one-legged developer Hawkins was warned about?

Treasure Island

Poster by R. Black