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Doing Good

Written by Erin Blackwell, Jeffrey Morris, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, and Ellen Callas from a scenario by Dan Chumley & Joan Holden
Directed by Victor Toman
Music by Pat Moran, Jason Ditzian, and Bruce Barthol
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol & Amos Glick
Music Direction by Bruce Barthol

DOING GOOD featured Noah James Butler, Christian Cagigl, Michael Carreiro, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Michael Gene Sullivan, and Brian Rivera.

And band members Jason Ditzian, Pat Moran & Doug Port

It's 1968 and the TET Offensive in Vietnam is on the local bar's TV. James is staring military service in the face, so he and Molly decide to join the Peace Corps. In Ecuador, they are young, idealistic, and ineffective. Then Molly's Uncle steps out of the shadows and offers James a better way to help the third world. In Java and then Iran, James is doing good until he meets an old friend in the desert. Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran...oil, coup d'etats, dams and you see a thread? From the TET Offensive to the fall of the Shah, the Mime Troupe traces history and asks, what price do we pay for affluence?

Doing Good

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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