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For the Greater Good

Written and Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan
Score, Lyrics, and Musical Direction by Pat Moran

THE LAST ELECTION featured Velina Brown, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Ed Holmes, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Victor Toman, and Reggie D. White.

And band members Michael Bello, Joel Fadness and Pat Moran

Pity the poor one per cent! Abused in that sliver of press they don't own, condemned in the streets by a rabble to who don't appreciate the benefits of being trickled down on, raked over the coals by the few politicians who aren't lined up to kiss their wealthy, powerful butts.

Talk about an oppressed minority!

Well, finally someone is stepping up to tell their story as the San Francisco Mime Troupe presents "For the Greater Good, or The Last Election," a melodramatic tale that should warm the hearts of every billionaire - if they have one. Based on the classic "The Poor of New York" the Troupe ironically turns the story on its head, telling it from the point of view of the misunderstood Godzill-ionaires who have made this country what it is today: broke.

It's 1987, and honest capitalist Gideon Bloodgood is caught in the Crash. Fearing that over-zealous Government Regulators will use his innocent (though technically illegal) embezzlement as reason to arrest him, he is about to skip town when fate - in the form Capt. Algood Fairweather - enters with an enormous deposit. After entrusting Bloodgood with the money for his wife and beloved child, Lucy Fairweather, the Captain inconveniently dies, leaving Bloodgood to decide what is more important: one family's happiness, or restoring a nation's faith in the Free Market? Overriding the natural honesty of any banker, Bloodgood sacrifices Fairweather's family, uses the money to cover his "financial indiscretion," and for the good of America lives to bank another day!

25 years later, and once more Big Government socialism and progressive regulations have shaken confidence in the perfection of the Market. Occupy camps dot the nation, and malcontents demand welfare, unemployment insurance, health care, and senior bus passes - all the nanny state programs that sap a great nations will! And at the center of this mass of Marxists is Mark Livingstone - red rabble rouser! And at his side none other than Mrs. Fairweather, the widow of the captain. Unknowing of her money lost, she has become addicted to the social programs and government cheese forced on her by bloated bureaucracy! But her daughter, Sgt. Lucy Fairweather, refuses to be leech on society! Meanwhile Bloodgood plans his daughter, Alida's, entry into Congress, only to find she's been brainwashed during a trip to France, and rejects his capitalist ways! But before Bloodgood can save her from clutches of commie corruption, a shadow of the past enters, a shadow that could bring down good, kind, generous Banker Bloodgood, and help the useless eaters in Che tee-shirts occupy America!

What will happen? Can Bloodgood save Alida? Can Lucy save her mother? Can the Free Market save America? And can the One Per Cent save the World?

For the Greater Good

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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