Where can I listen to

tales of the Resistance?

Listen HERE on our show page beginning July 4th!

Or tune in to your favorite radio station:

KSFP 102.5FM San Francisco - "Civic" Podcast - Tune in at 4PM on July 4th for chats with fellow Troupers followed by Episode 1 at 5PM! 7/4/2020- AIR SIGNAL IMPEDED LISTEN TO THE KSFP ONLINE LIVESTREAM HERE


KALW 91.7FM San Francisco - Corona Radio Theater 1-2PM - Episode 1 airing July 9th


KTDE 100.5FM Mendocino County - Episode 1 airing July 4th 7PM, rerun July 8th 7PM


KZYX Mendocino County - Radiogram 8-10PM - Episode 1 airing July 8th


KMUD Redwood Community Radio - Episode 1 airing July 4th 7:30PM

KPOV 88.9FM Central Oregon - Episode 1 airing July 10th 11:00AM  

Or listen on these websites beginning July 4th:


San Francisco Public Library - with related show topic discussions every other Saturday beginning July 11th 3:00-4:15PM!