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Welcome YTP Students!
This IS your guide to getting started With Discord!

This year Discord is an integral part of classes and will be used for communication between students and teachers!

So first things first please go to and sign up so that you can access the SFMT Discord server. ( If you already have a discord account skip this! )

Once you have signed up please read the Discord Basics! this will help you get more familiar with your account and show you how to customize everything, as well as how to get started on Mobile devices as well.

Now click here to open the invite page to the SFMT Discord!


Once you join the discord server you will be in the #how-to channel that will give you some basic information on how to use discord.

First things first please set your nickname on the server to your First Name and your preferred pronoun. The easiest way to do this is to type the following into the chat bar /nick Your First Name (Preferred Pronoun) and hit the enter key.

The picture on the left is an example of this.

Once your account is given the proper role on the server you should be able to view all of the Youth Theater Project category of chat channels. To test things out please head down to #hangout and post a message in the chat to say hello to everyone!

The #bulletin-board & #calendars channels will have important messages from teachers for everyone so please check in on those channels.

There are also the #memes & #artwork channels that are open to everyone to post anything they create or want to share!

Hopefully you are now ready to join the chatrooms and share with everyone! If you are still having issues please speak up and talk to one of the teachers and we will help you get all set!

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