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The SFMT wants to help you CONNECT with local organizations.
ENGAGE in community organizing and coalition building.
And PARTICIPATE in direct action and education!

ENGAGE by joining our coalition.

The Mime Troupe is interested in fostering ongoing, mutually beneficial partnership opportunities with artists, activists, and community based organizations.

  • You may ORGANIZE in the San Francisco Mime Troupe Studio at 855 Treat Ave. in the Mission District. This space (approximately 19' x 42')  is available for community meetings, rehearsals, etc. at little or no cost.

  • Offer your expertise and EDUCATE our Summer company about the social issues related to the show, participate in post-show audience conversations, offer further civic engagement opportunities for our audiences, or collaborate with us on possible year-round educational or workshop opportunities for our community.

  • We’re also interested in pursuing DIRECT ACTION collaboration with artists, activists, social justice, and community based orgs to engage in multidisciplinary, tactical performance at local protests, marches, strikes, etc.

Email for more information about community partnership opportunities for individuals and organizations.

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