below IS a list of our CURRENT WISH LIST items

If you can donate any of the items listed

please contact us by phone at 415-286-1717
or by email at today!

Big ticket items

Passenger Van

7 Seat Passenger Van, in excellent working condition - WE REALLY NEED A VAN!

pc or mac laptops

PC or Macintosh Laptops - preferably computers newer then 2015.

Digital Video Camera

Digital Video Camera with 1080p 60fps shooting or higher proffered.

gas generator

A 3000 Watt Gas Generator that has wheels preferred.

Kitchen aid mixer

We make meals for all our YTP classes and having a standing mixer would help a lot!

Pickup truck

A small or medium size Pickup Truck, in good working condition - automatic preferred.

computer monitors

Computer monitors that can be used with DVI or HDMI much preferred.

Fitted Blinds/Shades

We need new blinds for our office please contact us for measurements.

Solar Generator

A portable solar panel array or battery pack to supply lower levels of power.

PC or mac computers

PC or Macintosh Computers - preferably computers newer then 2015.

Digital Still Camera

DSLR Digital Camera with optical stabilization or comparable digital camera.

Road Cases on wheels

Road Cases on Wheels that can fit audio racks or other theater equipment.

slide scanner

We have many old slides and negatives we need to digitize this would help massively.


gift cards

Clean out your drawer of old gift cards - send them to us!

sleeping bags

Sleeping bags that can be used in summer climates are welcome.

Cloth Sandbags

Cloth Sandbags used for stage or film shooting to steady speakers and many other things.

Paint Brushes

When creating props and the stage we always need Paint Brushes.


We can always use machine washable blankets that will fit twin size beds.

kitchen knives

Kitchen Knives that can be used for preparing foods in our kitchen. 

Tape of any kind

We need lots of tape; Painters, Masking, Duct, Packing, Gaff, and any others.


Help keep us hydrated - 100% Juice Drinks, Gatoraid, Vitamin Water, and others welcome.


We can always use machine washable comforters that will fit twin size beds.

coat hangers

Plastic or Wooden Coat Hangers are needed for our costume shop.

Packing Blankets

When moving a stage like we do, Packing Blankets are required for everything.

Upright Vacuum

Sometimes we make a mess and our older vacuums just cant hack it anymore.

We are always looking for volunteers as well!

to see how you can donate your time

please click here!


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