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Happy 4th of July! How are you holding up? Typically, by now you would have already received this letter inviting you to join us for our annual summer season of FREE shows in the parks. This year nothing is typical.


In January, hot off our 60th season, we looked forward to a new decade and the can’t-come- soon-enough presidential election. By February, exuberant voices filled our studio as our 24th annual Youth Theater Project (YTP) kicked off. Then March blew in with a new plan that our 20/20 vision never saw coming! A global time-out sending us all to our respective rooms to think and ponder what’s next.

At this historic time not having an SFMT voice was never an option. Initially we postponed. Then the Tweeter-in-Chief assured the nation that a “miracle” was coming while it was already clear the sprint had become a marathon. For the safety of all we cancelled our park shows for the first time in 61 years. Foregoing Zoom, we decided on a classic platform of yesteryear: a bi-weekly serialized radio play Tales of the Resistance. Then came the real miracle: a perfect storm of news events and pandemic revealed insights fueled an uprising that rejected a system which promised but never provided justice for all. Suddenly a whole lot of folks got woke.


This Independence Day is marked not by parades but by protests. Statues toppled, flags removed, racist images retired. The spirit of real revolution is re-ignited. For decades SFMT has called out hatred and promoted antiracist action while championing the essential rights of all workers. This global reset is an opportunity for real change and we all have a lot of work to do even if it’s from home. Now a spiraling economy joins the virus and the fight for justice to form a trifecta of challenges for all. Thanks again 2020!

The Mime Troupe’s voice will still be heard loud, clear and FREE but without our usual park donation income, we need your help to do it! Knowing that money is tight now, please if you are able, make your regular (or increased!) donation AND challenge your family/friends to match it! Your tax-deductible gifts support the costs of our free programming. And also -

  • Listen in to our Tales of the Resistance and support the novelty of Mimes on Radio! Available FREE online and on select public radio stations nationwide.

  • Shelter in Style! Buy our merch! We stocked up for the parks so we have a big inventory. Do your holiday and birthday shopping now!

  • Hold a Zoom Tales of the Resistance listening party.

  • And watch the July 6-19 online run of Freedomland.

  • Send SFMT links out through your social media. And as you engage in discussions, encourage people to participate in our democracy by VOTING!


Stay Safe, stay healthy stay politicized!
in sheltered solidarity,

the San Francisco Mime Troupe Collective