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Dear Friends,

For generations the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has continued to attract immigrants hopeful for a better existence.

The American Dream. It used to mean a job, a house, a car, a spouse, 2.5 kids, and .4 dog. But what does it mean now? For some it is a good tide raising all boats, for others it is a tsunami that destroys everything. For some it is unity, for others it is dissolution. A handshake or a gun. One citizen’s dream has become another’s nightmare, and those who fan the flames of the differences will gladly profit while democracy burns.

Not on our watch! For 65 years, SFMT has been crafting theater that challenges the forces that threaten our values and aspirations. This year, in order to drive home the necessity of civic participation rather than apathy, our dreams have gotten necessarily bigger. They include:

May 2024


  • Expanding our Youth Theater Project into year round programming.

  • Presenting a full holiday production of A Red Carol.

  • Resume national touring, introducing SFMT to a new generation.

  • Upgrade our studio space for increased availability to fellow artists. This past year we’ve already had 10 events bringing new audiences into our studio!


At the present, we are working on our new summer show. AMERICAN DREAMS - A New Musical - Was Democracy Just a Dream? While the Mango Mussolini trades on his absurd fear filled threats, we face our own. Climate disasters, misogyny, hate crimes, grocery bills, AI and fascism make us increasingly anxious as we get closer to November 5, the hinge point of our democracy. Rather than succumb to the nightmare we must be loudly WOKE and that is our intention this summer.

To do this we need your financial help. Please donate as much as possible to make this dream a reality. Your tax-deductible gift will allow us to pay the skyrocketing costs of performing free in the parks. As permits, fuel etc. increase, our grant money decreases making us more dependent on your generosity. We also ask that you spread the word and bring friends and family to the parks to once again prove that it’s not that kind of mime.

2024 is a nail biter of a year but if we don’t all step up and speak out than we run the risk of the nightmare becoming a reality. If it sounds scary, it’s because it is.

appeal 2024 summer lawton lovely artwork.jpg

With Gratitude, Solidarity and Continued Resistance,


The San Francisco Mime Troupe


SF Mime Troupe is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, tax ID 94-1602975.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

We also accept checks made out to SFMT.

(And we get your full donation, no third party charges when you send a check!)

Mail to: 855 Treat Ave, SF, CA 94110

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