Featuring 9 parts in four distinct genres that will run bi-weekly throughout the summer!

Four different story lines – told in the style of detective noir, adventure, horror, sci-fi – will culminate in a finale where all the narratives converge.written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and newcomers. The show will be in our signature style which includes – political comedy, biting satire, and catchy original music.

The series will air on local radio stations, including KALW, KMUD, KTDE, KZYX, KSFP, and many more!


But you can also access all the episodes as they air right here!

Premiering October 31th

Episode 10:

Tales of the Resistance

"The End of the Beginning (Part 2)"

This finale episode will bring us through all of the tales so far!
Will Jade be able to take down Jamazon.com?
Will Susie deliver the key that could cure Covid-19?
Will Primo shine a light on the true darkness?
Will Greg and Clya discover their true calling in this world?


Jade: For Hire!
Episode 1:  
"The Mystery of the Missing Worker"

With the deck stacked against him can Jade find the worker who seems to have slipped through the cracks?

Novice Nurse: Susie Terse!
Episode 2:
"The Price of Infection"

In a world of corrupt corporate connivers and Covid contagion can Nurse Susie save the day?


Fear of the Dark
Episode 3:
"The Good Cop"

Primo is haunted by his racist past,  when he’s caught in a protest for justice turned riot.


Dimension 2020!
Episode 4:
"It Came From R&D!"

No one could predicted that mild-mannered Greg's new application could change the world for the...better?

Jade: For Hire!
Episode 5:  
 "The Case of the Wrinkled Egg"

Looking for work during a race war is hard enough, but  what was Jamazon's secret to winning the class war?

Novice Nurse: Susie Terse!
Episode 6:
 "Diagnosis Capitalism"

Can Susie fend off the corrupt Capitalist Healthcare Conspiracy? Or will she be locked up as a Cop hating Commie?


Fear of the Dark
Episode 7:
"The Rotten Orchard"

Can Primo come to grips with his haunted past? Will he be able to be more than just a good cop?


Dimension 2020!
Episode 8:
"Nibbling The Leaves On The Tree Of Amazing"

No one could predict that Greg and Clya could save democracy, or lock the country into an endless cycle of tyranny...


Tales of the Resistance
Episode 9:
"The Beginning of the End (Part One)

Will the Resistance become a Revolution? Or will the fascist corporate overlords maintain their control over the workers?


Tales of the Resistance Cover Art

Please join us for a special final episode talk back and celebration following the release of episode 10 at 3 PM PST on  Saturday, October 31st!, presented by:

San Francisco Public Library

Tales of The Resistance will also be broadcast on your favorite local radio stations!

KSFP 102.5FM San Francisco

Saturday, Oct. 31st - Episode 10 5PM, followed by Episode 9 @ 5:30PM
Sunday, Nov. 1st - Episode 10 9AM, followed by Episode 9 @ 9:30AM

KALW 91.7FM San Francisco

Thursday, Nov. 5th - Episode 10 @ 1PM on Corona Radio Theater

KTDE 100.5FM Mendocino County

Saturday, Oct. 31st - Episode 10 @ 7PM
Wednesday, Nov. 4
th - Episode 10 @ 7PM

KZYX Mendocino County

Wednesday, Nov. 4th - Episode 10 on Radiogram

Radiogram runs from 8:00PM-10:00PM

KMUD Redwood Community Radio

Saturday, Oct. 31st - Episode 10 @ 7:30PM

KPOV 88.9FM Central Oregon

Friday, Nov. 6th - Episode 10 @ 11AM

WPFW 89.3 FM Washington, DC

Thursday, Nov. 5th - Episode 10 @ 1:30PM EDT on Your Rights at Work

KNYO 107.7FM Fort Bragg

Friday, Nov. 6th - Episode 10 @ 9:30PM

KKUP 91.5 Cupertino, CA

Sunday, Nov. 8th -  Episode 5 @ 5PM

Sunday, Nov. 29th -  Episode 6 @ 5PM

Sunday, Dec. 13th -  Episode 7 @ 5PM

Sunday, Dec. 20th -  Episode 8 @ 5PM

Sunday, Dec. 27th -  Episode 9 @ 5PM

KKRN 88.5FM Round Mountain, CA

Tuesdays @ 8PM

KDRT 95.7 FM Davis, CA

Thursdays @ 11:30AM and 11:30PM

Sundays @ 7:30PM

KWMR Homegrown Radio

Mondays @ 2PM

Or listen on these websites!

Labor Radio Network



Written by : Michael Gene Sullivan, Ellen Callas, and Marie Cartier

Music and Lyrics : Daniel Savio, additional lyrics by Marie Cartier

Director : Velina Brown

Music Production : Dred Scott

Sound Design & Audio Engineering : Taylor Gonzalez

Stage Manager : Karen Runk


Featured performers will include Rotimi Agbabiaka, Andre Amarotico, Michael J. Asberry, Velina Brown, Ellen Callas, Lizzie Calogero, Hugo Carbajal, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Elizabeth Carter, Milo Carter-Daniels, Marie Cartier, Marissa Ellison, Bob Ernst, Gillian Eichenberger, Amos Glick, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Cassie Grilley, Marilet Martinez, Jarion Monroe, Brian Rivera, Michael Gene Sullivan, and many more!


Flute, Clarinet, Baritone & Tenor Saxophone : Dylan Jennings

Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards : Dred Scott

Additional Keyboards : Daniel Savio


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