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we need Volunteers - And It Pays to Volunteer!


We need skilled volunteers to come out during the months listed to help with many tasks please take a look at the following times below and let us know if you can spare some of your time to help! Please remember that some companies will donate money to non-profits for each hour their employees volunteer. So check with your employer, and volunteer and report your hours!

JUNE to Early JULY

Carpentry Experience for Stage Building
Painting Experience for help with Scenic Painting
Stitching & Sewing Machine Experience to help with Costumes


Cooking Experience to help make a park meal for approximately 20 to 25 people
Willing to help put up Posters in Bay Area Neighborhoods
Willing to Help set up or take down our stage and other equipment before or after a Show
Willing to hand out Programs before Shows


Cooking experience to help cook a meal for approximately 15 to 20 Teens Artists Monday through Friday


Plumber or Handyperson with plumbing experience (for misbehaving toilets and dripping sinks)

Handyperson or Carpenters to help with other issues around our building

AND DON'T FORGET You can work off your parking tickets with us!

to get going please click here to get more information about signing up for the SFMTA CSP - you can work off up to $1000 in tickets!
Do you know the right people?
Can you Help us with Park fees & Permits in the following cities?
Santa Cruz, Davis, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley
If so Please contact us!
by phone at 415-285-1717 or by email at

The San Francisco Mime Troupe needs YOU to

bring our community together

We were on the barricades in the 1960s, part of a coalition of regular folks who came together to oppose racism, sexism, war, and corporate greed. Today we are witnessing the erosion of many of the victories won by that movement but the never-silent San Francisco Mime Troupe has always believed in the power of the people united. As we enter a critical election year, we must do our part to foster a movement of working people of all genders, races, incomes, and sexual orientations. And so we are opening our doors and inviting our community in to help us best utilize art's power to envision and demand a better future.

We'll need some help to accomplish this goal and so we are looking to create a long term relationship with someone who has experience in community organizing and who would like to help us create opportunities for more community dialogue.

This would be a volunteer position and our ideal candidate is someone who is familiar with the Mime Troupe and who is connected to the local activist community. A self-starter with great people skills who can help us with:

  • Programming Events at the Mime Troupe Offices & Off-Site Locations

  • Networking with Other Organizations

  • Inter-Community Dialogue

  • Attending Story Meetings to Develop our Summer Show

  • Generating Discussion Topics for Community Events

  • Researching our Summer Show Topics and Connecting us to Community Experts on the Issues

We are looking for someone who can start this fall and assist us through next summer. If you are interested please send an email to We look forward to connecting with you.


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