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Job Opportunities


The San Francisco Mime Troupe is a worker-owned company, headed by a collective. The Collective is comprised of poly-talented people who steer the artistic direction of the company and also hire office staff. A collective member might be an actor who is also a costume designer and flute player, or a technician who is also a writer and building manager. The eclecticism of the collective is only limited by the eclecticism of each individual member.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe celebrates diversity and provides employment opportunities without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, and strives to maintain an inclusive environment free of harassment or retaliation.

job opportunities



The SFMT is looking for a seeks a Technical Director for the 2020 Summer Season.

You are:
A professional Technical Theater Worker who believes in Speaking Truth to Power.
A believer in Theater as a means for communicating this message.
A believer and practitioner of teamwork, collaboration and cooperation as the best way towards this end.

We need:
A Technical Director who can work with our Scenic Designer, interpret designs, read plans and build the set for our summer show, and who can manage a team of volunteer builders of varying levels of experience and mentor interns. Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to manage a team of volunteer builders of varying levels of experience and respectfully mentor interns. Must be able to create a build schedule, attend all production meetings and collaborate with the Director and the Mime Troupe Collective (Artistic Director) throughout the production process. As we are creating an original show, flexibility and problem solving are strong assets in addition to having experience building a travelling set for outdoor venues.

Time line:
Build begins last week of May
1st preview mid June
2nd preview late  June
Opening July 3, 4, 5

Pay: $624.00 per week for 6 weeks. Building and painting material budget total: $2350.



The SFMT is seeking scenic designer for the 2020 Summer Season.

Ideal candidates are flexible and familiar with working on new plays and have experience designing with outdoor spaces.

Employment is roughly from: Early May - July 5th
Fee for Scenic Designer is: $1500
Building and painting material budget is: $2350

Must be available for:
Production Meetings: Dates TBD
At least two dress rehearsals: Dates TBD
All Previews: Dates TBD
Opening Weekend: July 3rd, 4th, 5th



The Mime Troupe holds annual audition as required per Actors Equity.
We also accept video auditions from performers who are out of town during our regularly schedule audition dates. Submissions may be made year round and will go directly into our database for future viewing during audition dates.

Please upload your audition to YouTube or Vimeo with NO EDITS please.

Video Audition Requirements:

  • One physical/comic Piece (Classical or Contemporary) that is no longer than two minutes.

  • Sing 32 Bars of a Song to Music.

Please choose material that shows off your physical skills as well as any other skills you wish to showcase.

You can submit your Video Audition to Karen Runk by email at info@sfmt.org - and make sure to include your Resume, Head Shot, and Video Link!


We also attend the Theatre Bay Area General Auditions every year please Click Here to get more information on when and where they are.

Internships & volunteers


The San Francisco Mime Troupe has a number of Internship Opportunities for both Youth and Adults please Click here to see them.

Some companies will donate money to non-profits (like SFMT) for each hour their employees volunteer.

We have many Volunteer Positions that are available that we would love to have help with! Please Click Here to view them.

Always check with your employer, and then volunteer and report your hours to help us even more!