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For nearly 65 years, the San Francisco Mime Troupe has been proud to offer most of our programs to communities at no charge. Our Youth Theater Project (YTP) is one of them as all participants attend tuition free and are provided nutritious dinners and snacks at each workshop sessions.


Best of all, our teen artists are compensated for their time and energy, while studying with us, growing their leadership skills, and developing interpersonal excellence. Since we do not take corporate money, we have relied on grants and individual donors.


As costs continue to skyrocket, and institutional funding is dwindling, we ask for your financial support to allow this 27-year-old program to continue and flourish.

Program Sponsor ($5000)

The overall program cost amounts to $5000 per student.  Become a Sponsor and underwrite the cost of offering YTP to one teen artist!

Future Playwrights Patron ($2000)

Like all craftspeople, writers need good tools. $2000 will buy two laptops for students to use!

Underwrite One YTP Student’s Stipend ($1700)

We designed our stipend program to help our participants see that their commitment and hard work is compensated just like any other job.

Be a Healthy Food Hero ($350)

The reward of seeing our youth around our round table and bonding over a homemade (by us) healthy dinner is priceless. Unfortunately, the cost of food is not. $350 will provide one week of meals. Well-fed youth are focused youth.

Sponsor our Post-Show Celebration and Reception ($250)

Ice cream and a yummy cake help our teen artists celebrate their success with each other and their family and friends.

Help Us Reward Our Students by Providing Gift Cards ($50)

Some students achieve perfect attendance and we like to reward them with a gift card for an extra treat. $50 will buy one gift card.

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