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Winter Appeal 2022

The signs are clear, literally and figuratively, from “Ban The Bomb” to “No Bans On My Body”, fighting the good fight has been a long time battle. Now, with hard won victories reversed and more at stake, we must fight harder than ever. Yet six years of the Mango Mussolini, three years of Covid and the recent hyperbolic mid-terms have left many battle fatigued and yearning for “the good ole days”.


Last summer’s show Back To The Way Things Were warned of the dangers of selective nostalgia. History reminds us that the seeds of today’s aggressions were sown back in those good ole days of McCarthyism and Jim Crow. Authoritarianism is a relentless foe and parlaying ignorance into hatred of the other is not a new tactic.


At the Mime Troupe, our tactics are straightforward. We use our stage to tell stories of people’s real struggles, whether economic or philosophic. We create characters that our audiences can relate to, even if they disagree with them. We hope to inspire dialogue, especially now when respectful communication has been lost as the collateral damage of a torn national psyche.


When Charles Dicken’s wrote A Christmas Carol, it was not with the intent that it would become frothy sentimentalism. He was talking about poor working conditions and economic disparity. In our version, A Red Carol, we honor his vision through our SFMT lens. This season the radio play version is available again on our website along with our other radio podcasts. We are also doing a live workshop presentation of the work-in-process, A Red Carol stage play co-produced with Cutting Ball Theater in San Francisco.
Visit for more info!


One positive outcome of this past election was the increased number of young people who voted. As we enter the 27th year of our Youth Theater Project (YTP) we will again proudly showcase the voices of young activist artists. We are expanding our programs and our teacher training while partnering with other youth groups including one comprised of the children of incarcerated adults.


Looking forward, we are as optimistic as the restored mural on our building is joyful. Juana Alicia Araiza’s Para Las Rosas is a vibrant reminder of the interface of art, social action and the heart of a community. We are grateful to her and her fellow artists for this acknowledgment of the work of those who have gone before and how it benefits us and those yet to come.


Nevertheless, the reality of the current economy is daunting. Production costs continue to soar and grantors are tapped out from Covid. In short, your tax-deductible donation will help us continue into 2023. If you are able, please give a bit extra to compensate for those unable to donate this year. Better yet, donate in someone else’s name as a holiday gift for them. Together we can continue our work to hopefully make these the “good new days”.

In Solidarity and With Gratitude,
The San Francisco Mime Troupe

SF Mime Troupe is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, tax ID 94-1602975.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

We also accept checks made out to SFMT.

(And we get your full donation, no third party charges when you send a check!)

Mail to: 855 Treat Ave, SF, CA 94110

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