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Making A Killing

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan and Jon Brooks
Directed by Ellen Callas and Michael Gene Sullivan
Score, Lyrics, and Musical Direction by Pat Moran

MAKING A KILLING featured Velina Brown, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Ed Holmes, Keven Rolston, Michael Gene Sullivan, and Victor Toman.

And band members Pat Moran, Michael Pinkham & Daniel Savio

Two army newspaper reporters are assigned to write a puff piece on the construction of an American funded hospital in Iraq. But as the facts unravel, it soon becomes clear that there's corruption, death, music and mayhem lurking behind this benevolent seeming humanitarian project. Back in Washington, Dick and Condi are manipulating intelligence and in Iraq, a cabal of military-industrial-Neo-Con colluders will stop at nothing to hide the shocking truth!

Making A Killing

Poster by Mona Caron

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