San Francisco Mime troupe's Youth Theater Project
road to harmony


Ilse Cadena, Queen & Liliana
Luke Dougherty, Harlyne
Finn Franklin, Musician & Cook
Hua He, Merchant Assistant & Narrator Act 3
Bina HG, Zigbar
Nita Huang, Merchant & Narrator Act 3 
Jenny Navarrete, Dancer & Narrator Act 3
Sam Presas, King & Singer
Riley Reynold, Narrator Act 2
Kaden Tobias, Prince Jimin
Aph Winter, Nigel & Narrator Act 1 
Caroline Zhou, Princess & Nissa


Act 1, Long ago in the Land of Monay.
Act 2, A week later in the Land of Harr.


Managing Director, Ellen Callas
Video & IT Services, Adan Gonzalez
Project Director, Lisa Hori-Garcia
Lead YTP Teacher, Annie Simmons
Lead YTP Teacher, Andrea Snow


Rafa Sarria, Jessica Hendrick, Karen Runk, Maria Cartier, Terry Hu, Veritable Vegetable, and a special shout out to all our high school teachers, principals, allies, and supporters!

'The Prince' by Jennifer Navarrete
'Untitled' By Aph Winter

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'Untitled' By Aph Winter