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Calling all YTP alumni participants!

Past and Present!

We would love to hear from you! 

We would like to invite you to submit a short video, old photos, or an excerpt of a fun YTP memory!

A google account is required to use our automatic submission form above.
If you would like to submit a YTP memory by email please contact us at



Below are some general guidelines and helpful tips if you plan to shoot a video memory please read them before you submit your video! Thanks!

  1. Introduce yourself first,
    "Hi! My name is ... and I was part of YTP in ... "

  2. Next speak about one or all of the following, or any memory of YTP you wish to share.
    What does YTP mean to you?
    How did YTP impact your life?
    Can you recall a fun YTP moment with friends?
    Perhaps gathering around the dinner table?
    Or a moment with a favorite teacher?
    Or any fun or silly YTP game you would like to share?


  3. After that please close with this,
    "Here’s to another 25 years of speaking truth to power!"

    Followed by something like one of these,
    "Happy Birthday YTP!"
    "I Love YTP!"


Share any YTP Photos you have!

Or for those camera shy people, you can write your favorite YTP memory!

Just click the button below!

When shooting your video memory it is important to prepare a few things to making sure you get a clear shot.

Lighting - Please try to use natural lighting like a window but make sure you are facing the window and not in front of it. If you cant use natural lighting try to use LED lighting if available to you.



(This is a good example of natural lighting)




(This is an example of why you do not want to stand in front of an open window)


Framing - Try to make sure your in the center of the screen or off center so that we can get a clear view of you.


Clothing - Some clothing can cause visual issues like narrow stripes can cause odd wave effects. So please try to look out for this sort of thing if you can. Also try to be aware of any dust or bits that might show up on camera on darker clothing.

Background - Be careful about reflective objects in the frame or behind you as they could cause visual errors. Also try to choose a background with out any visual distractions or moving objects. This will allow us to focus more on you!

Positioning - Last try to avoid putting the camera too close to yourself, it will give a more natural perspective if you are able to take a few steps back from the camera and give a more clear view of yourself.

You should be more then ready to shoot your video memory now! We look forward to seeing you!

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