Outdoor Technical Requirements

PLAYING AREA: The playing area (stage or other level space) must be at least 35 feet wide and 25 feet deep with an overhead clearance of at least 18 feet. Ideally, the stage will face southwest. We like to have the audience as close to the playing area as possible. Whenever possible, we prefer to seat the closest patrons on a grassy area 40 feet wide by 20 feet deep directly in front of the stage with any chairs that the presenter may want to set-up behind this area.

PARKING: Parking permits/places reserved for Truck (as close to the stage area as possible) plus 3 to 6 vehicles.

SPACE ACCESS: We need exclusive access to the space no later than 9 a.m. on the day of performance when show is in the afternoon, no later than 1 p.m. for an evening performance. Our truck is 37' long (plus lift gate), 8'6" wide and 12'6" tall. Hand trucks and rolling flatbed cart trucks are required if the truck must be parked some distance from the stage area.

CREW REQUIREMENTS: PRESENTER will provide a volunteer crew of 6 - 8 able-bodied people (no children under 16, no seniors over 65) to assist SFMT in unloading the truck and set-up the stage (approximately 2 hours) and in striking the set and loading the truck after the final performance (approx. 2 hours). Please note, the entire strike time may take up to 3 hours. Volunteers need to be able to lift large wooden panels and other set items. Volunteers must bring work gloves, wear sturdy, closed shoes and attire which allows them to move freely and comfortably.

POWER: We require two 20 amp 110AC circuits to power our band equipment and sound system. If performing at night time we require and additional 4 independent 20 amp circuits to run our lights. If power requirements can not be met we will use one or both of our gas-powered generators.

BATH/DRESSING ROOMS: We need exclusive access to a minimum of 1 bathroom/toilet for the performers and crew. If available, dressing rooms with: well-lit make-up mirrors and a sleeping cot with bedding will be well utilized.

HOSPITALITY: Please provide at the start time of load-in: Two 2.5 gallon water jugs (per show) with spigot and cups. For performances in extremely hot spaces, cold bottles of vitamin water or 100% juices must be made available in addition to water.
Meal break: Please provide a hot meal for SFMT's 14-16 cast & crew members on the day of load in. The meal must be ready thirty minutes prior to the estimated dinner time. Some company members are vegetarian and vegan - a list of dietary restrictions will be sent closer to performance date. Please provide coffee and tea after the meal break and before each performance.
Please provide one hour into strike: Cheese, cracker & fruit plates or some comparable finger food. When appropriate, leftovers from dinner are welcome - but only if plates and forks are not required.

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