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"People always think this story is about you,” Bob Crachit tells Scrooge.

But it ain’t about you, it’s about us - and how we let ourselves get infected with your ideas, your greed, your lies, its you stepin’ over the hungry and homeless and us following your lead, it’s us lettin’ you turn our government into a casino, listenin’ while you say day after day that profit is the new god, and us not standin’ up and shouting "NO!"'


It ain’t about you," Cratchit says. "It’s about us.

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Based on the novel "A Christmas Carol" By Charles Dickens

A Red Carol will return in 2024!

A Red Carol will be available on the
following services!

  • iTunes
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
  • Bandcamp

As well as Radio Stations -
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A Red Carol is leavened with labor songs, and features a 10 person cast that includes present and veteran SF Mime Troupers!

As with all Mime Troupe projects we are supported directly by you! If you can,

please make a donation to by Clicking Here! (suggested $20 donation)

Thank You!


Mike McShane - Scrooge.webp

Featuring Mike McShane 
as Ebenezer Scrooge

Michael Gene Sullivan.webp

Michael Gene Sullivan

Bob Crachit

Velina Brown.webp

Velina Brown

Mrs. Crachit

Andre Amarotico.webp

Andre Amarotico

Lisa Hori-Garcia.webp

Lisa Hori-Garcia

Amos Glick.webp

Amos Glick

Mr. Fezziwig

Jarion Monroe.webp

Jarion Monroe
The Ghost of Marley

Keiko Shimosato-Carreiro.webp

Keiko Shimosato Carreiro

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Wilma Bonet.webp

Wilma Bonet
The Ghost of Christmas Present

Milo Carter-Daniels .webp

Milo Carter-Daniels
Tiny Tim


Patrick Byers.webp

Patrick Byers
Strings & Winds

David Rokeach.webp

David Rokeach

Daniel Savio.jpeg

Daniel Savio

A Red Carol

based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Adapted & Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan
featuring traditional music

with Additional Lyrics & Arrangement by Daniel Savio
Music Produced by Daniel Savio & Taylor Gonzalez
Music Consulting by Bruce Barthol
Sound Design & Engineering by Taylor Gonzalez
Stage Managed by Karen Runk
Tour Management & Booking by Marissa Ellison


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