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Written by Michael Gene Sullivan with Marie Cartier
Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan
Music & Lyrics by Daniel Savio
Music Direction by Daniel Savio

BREAKDOWN features Andre Amarotico (Dante); Alicia M. P. Nelson (Lucilla); Jed Pasario (Felix);
Kina Kantor (Cassie).

And band members Breakfast (Keyboard, Guitar, Sax); Guinevere Q (Bass); and Jason Youn (Drums, Percussion).

For most of the citizens of increasingly intolerant San Francisco a young woman like Cassandra living on the
streets seems “crazy,” but maybe Cassie is just ahead of the curve. Unbalanced? Unhinged? Nuts? In a country that has clearly lost its mind, what do any of those words mean anymore? As her social worker tries to navigate the Kafkaesque labyrinth of city bureaucracy Cassie is on her own quest to regain what has been taken from her.

But up-and-coming FOX News commentator Marcia Stone has no problem with being at the vanguard of
driving the nation around the bend. It’s her key to getting a nightly slot on the network, and if she can give her viewers a focus for their fear, a hellhole of depravity and failed policies so much the better! And where better than the filthy, dangerous streets of San Francisco to illustrate for her bosses and audience the depths to which the progressives have dragged us? If only she could find a person on those streets… someone to personify America’s…Breakdown.

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Poster by Pablo Mica

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