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Veronique of the Mounties

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan and Bruce Barthol
Score by Jason Sherbundy
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan
Musical Direction by Jason Sherbundy

VERONIQUE featured Velina Brown, Christian Cagigal, Michael Carreiro, Conrad Cimarra, Bekka Fink, Ed Holmes, and Keiko Shimosato Carreiro.

And band members Noam Lemish, Alex Budman & Joel Fadness

Set in the near future, Veronique of the Mounties, finds the US government deeply engaged in its imperialistic quest to save the people of the world from themselves. After bringing "democracy" to Iraq, Syria, and France, the US turns its gaze to the terrorist threat on its northern border, CANADA. Fiction follows fiction until only one thing can protect America (and launch the Cheney/Rice run for the White House in 2008), Operation Frozen Freedom.

Meanwhile, as the Canadians mobilize to fight off invasion, Royal Canadian Mounted Policewoman Veronique Du Bois is given a dangerous mission: to journey into the heart of American darkness and recover the object that may stop the US military's insane rush to the Great White North.

Amid laughter and music, the play will answer these burning questions: Why would America turn away from its own economic and social problems and attack the peace-loving hockey fans in the north? Who benefits from a constant war on terror? Can a country with a maple leaf as a flag truly be a terrorist threat? And what has Canada got that's more valuable than oil?

Veronique of the Mounties

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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