YTP is an after-school theater program for Bay Area teens which meets every year. During this internship, students not only learn skills in stage production, acting, and improvisation, but they also collaboratively write and produce their own politically charged play! In addition, dinner is served at every session and a paid stipend is awarded for full participation. 


The primary goal of the Youth Theater Project is to use theater as a means to artistically and creatively express the opinions of young people on topics that are relevant to their lives.

The Project happens once a year, beginning in February and ending in late April. The Project is centered in the Mission District of San Francisco.

You must be between the ages of 14 and 18 to participate.


Youth are chosen from different communities all over the Bay Area and are taught by a diverse team of teachers. Youth attend a 3 month acting and playmaking workshop that meets two days a week, 4:15 PM to 7:15 PM. Meals and a stipend are provided.

The project is entirely funded by foundations & individual donors and is free to participants.

It culminates in the Youth Theater Project Performance for the public. Each group performs the 30-minute play that they have created during the workshop. Performance week requires a larger time commitment.


The curriculum of the workshop includes:  team building exercises, burning issue discussions, story-telling, improvisation, character development, playwriting, and choreography.

The Project promotes artistic expression, discipline, and cross-cultural understanding as creative alternatives to drugs, gangs, prejudice, hostility and violence. The project is founded on the belief that youth in our society grow up lacking the attention and respect they need to love and respect themselves and to understand each other. The workshop experience fosters an increase in the participant's self-confidence, expands their world view, and leaves them inspired to continue using art as a means of personal and political expression.


For more information please email YTP@SFMT.ORG!
This program is made possible by individual supporters AND: