Help us restore the beauty of PARA LAS ROSAS!

Interviews and video created and edited by Adam Chin!


Along with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, this project is comprised of a community organization of artists, actors, organizers and art lovers, committed to restoring the Para las Rosas Juana Alícia’s 1985 mural Para las Rosas (For the Roses) on the facade of the San Francisco Mime Troupe Building. Our core team includes the artist, Juana Alícia, Mime Troupe General Manager Ellen Callas, San Francisco Heritage's Kerri Young, and Mime Troupe Board Member, Susan Segal. Brava for Women in the Arts is our fiscal sponsor for city and foundation grants.


PARA LAS ROSAS / FOR THE ROSES, SF Mime Troupe Mural, Juana Alicia © 1985. Photo: Michael Bry

Although San Francisco has been hit hard this last year, it certainly is not the first time.

We have survived earthquakes, fires, multiple economic booms and busts and through it all, it is the unique creative spirit of our local artists that has always helped us through.

Nowhere is that spirit more visible than on our treasured mural, that needs restoration in order to remain a cornerstone of the Mission’s cultural legacy. Since 1985, the westward facing exterior wall of 855 Treat Avenue has been adorned with Para las Rosas / For the Roses, a vibrant work by the gifted Juana Alicia.


Portrait of Juana Alicia by © 2021

The Mural marks both the current home of the 62-year-old San Francisco Mime Troupe and that of its predecessor, Fantasy Records, where comic Lenny Bruce and Jazz greats Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Cal Tjader, Vince Guaraldi, Mongo Santamaria and many others recorded. It is a beautiful homage to the place that has produced exceptional music, comedy and theater for over seven decades.

Sadly, over the years, the mural’s colors have faded to the point where certain aspects of the mural are not even recognizable. Juana Alicia has agreed to restore and preserve this historic work of art by using newer techniques and longer lasting paint. However, we need your help. Restoration for this large mural will cost around $70,000 for the repair of the wall, supplies, labor and protective finishes. 


FOR THE ROSES/PARA LAS ROSAS, SF Mime Troupe Mural, Photo by © 2021

As little as eleven dollars will buy a pint of acrylic paint, and up to $3,500 will pay for the mechanical lift or scaffolding needed for the artist’s. Any amount in between or greater is greatly appreciated! Whatever the size of your tax-deductible gift, it will be indelibly painted into history.

Additionally, we are seeking extra funds to set up a fund for regular maintenance and upkeep of the mural so that it will last for generations to come.


Portrait of Yano Rivera by © 2021


Portrait of Juana Alicia & Yano Rivera by © 2021

San Francisco is in danger of becoming a theme park version of its former self with much of its cultural history erased. It is up to us to keep that from happening. We must celebrate our heritage with authentic art. Otherwise, how can we know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been?

Please help us maintain Juana Alicia's legacy and restore this amazing mural in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District by donating!  We currently have a $1,500 matching grant, so donations can be doubled up to that amount


We hosted a Neighborhood Meeting on Sunday September 19th discussing the entire project.

We were joined by Juana Alicia, SFMT members, and other community members to discuss about our fundraising campaign to support the full restoration and how to deal with the existing trees that block the view of the mural and damage it as well.

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