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1600 Transylvania Avenue

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan and Ellen Callas
Score by Jason Sherbundy
Lyrics by Bruce Barthol
Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan
Musical Direction by Jason Sherbundy

TRANSYLVANIA featured Velina Brown, Michael Carreiro, Conrad Cimarra, Anastasia Coon, Amos Glick, Ed Holmes, and Victor Toman.

And band members Joel Fadness, Jeremy Mage, Jason Sherbundy & Jason Thwaites

Prowling the fog shrouded streets of our nation's capital - where zombies of past administrations rise from their graves to kill social services, and undead servants of darkness vote in the Senate - there is a new horror: Succubus Incorporatus... The legendary Corporate Bloodsucker! Freed from its constitutional chains it has reached the Principal of Power, ready to feed on the whole country. And the undead heart of this evil beats at... 1600 Transylvania Avenue!

Meanwhile, in energy strapped Coast City, Shamina Jones and Lucy Morgan invent a machine that saves electricity, and inadvertently stumble on a device that may break the evil grip that is squeezing the nation. Will they believe old Professor Van Helsing's crazy theory that the highest form of capitalism has taken human form? Can they trust the strange Mr. Renfield - The tortured servant of the Bloodsucker? Will they escape or will they be drained of all humanity and compassion, and become corporate Bloodsuckers themselves?

1600 Transylvania Avenue

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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