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2012 - The Musical

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan
Additional Dialogue Ellen Callas
Directed by Wilma Bonet
Score and Lyrics by Pat Moran and Bruce Barthol
Musical Direction Pat Moran

2012 - THE MUSICAL featured Lizzie Calogero, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Cory Censoprano, and Siobhan Marie Doherty, Michael Gene Sullivan, and Victor Toman.

And band members Michael Bello, James Anthony Mitchell & Neil Wadhawan

A small political theater company, Theater BAM!, finds itself at a crossroads: should they keep telling the stories they feel can change the world (and starve while telling them), or feed at the corporate trough, sell out, and be the mouthpiece for The Man. Tough decision. But before having to make it, they are offered an artistic commission that may save the company; all they have to do is create a new play, "2012 - The Musical!" But is it political? Will it keep with the company's original mission? And who's really bankrolling the production?

One person who is not thrilled with BAM!'s apparent good fortune is Suze, a successful accountant doing pro bono work for the company. She has been trying for years to get her sister, BAM! artistic director Elaine, to give up the not-for-profit insanity and get right with The Market, but Elaine's passionate protégé, Leon, is always there to argue for revolution, and from Suze's point of view, starvation. But as BAM! begins to work on the new show, Leon isn't the only one with questions: Is it better to be a little capitalist and alive, or Red and dead? Is it possible to sell out just a "little bit"? And what the heck is "2012 - The Musical!" about anyway?

2012 - The Musical

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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