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Oil & Water

Written by Pat Moran and Adolfo C. Mejia
Songs, Lyrics, Musical Direction by Pat Moran
Directed by Joan Mankin
Assistant Director Lisa Hori-Garcia

OIL & WATER featured Rotimi Agbabiaka, Velina Brown, Hugo E Carbajal, and Lisa Hori-Garcia.

And band members Aharon Wheels Bolsta or Jacob Shandling and Pat Moran.

Part 1: "Deal with the Devil" is set in the not too distant future and begins with the discovery of a dead body in the White House. Following decades of disastrous environmental decisions and a commitment to maintaining the status quo, the USA has fallen upon hard times. All appears lost until an unexpected solution presents itself- but is it worth the risk? Deal with the Devil draws upon elements of Film Noir and 1970s cop shows while asking the question "What will it take to break the cycle?"

Part 2: "Crude Intentions" takes place in modern day San Francisco. Tomasa and Gracie run a small restaurant in the city and are just starting to make ends meet when a visitor from Tomasa's past attempts to collect on an unfulfilled obligation. Tomasa's secret former life is revealed to Gracie, and the two are faced with a life altering dilemma. "Crude Intentions" is inspired by the ongoing legal struggles between Chevron and the plaintiffs who were awarded a $19 billion settlement for environmental devastation in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Oil & Water

Poster by Lawton Lovely

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