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tales of the resistance
volume 2: persistence



Due to the inability to both secure park permits and ensure audience safety in the face of the ever changing Covid landscape, the San Francisco Mime Troupe will again be presenting a radio play/podcast series this summer and we look forward to seeing you in the parks in 2022!

Refusing to be absent or silent, the SFMT is enthused to display their unique theatrical style by producing its second summer of serialized radio plays!


So can the revolution be social distanced… again? 

Find out with TALES OF THE RESISTANCE, VOLUME 2: PERSISTENCE a summer of radio play podcasts of original political comedy audio plays, broadcast weekly, each written and performed by SFMT veterans and newcomers.

Starting on Sunday July 4th, 2021 with our first Episode!

Mysterious Mysteries!

"The Tale of the Black FOX" & "Eyeball on History!"

With Episode 2 the next Sunday July 11, 2021!


"Passion... For Justice!" & "Little Jimmy's Election"

And new content every Sunday until September 5th, 2021!

"Tales of the Resistance Volume 2: Persistence" performers include Rotimi Agbabiaka,

Andre Amarotico, Michael J. Asberry, Wilma Bonet, Velina Brown, Ellen Callas, Lizzie Calogero,

Hugo E Carbajal, Michael Carreiro, Marissa Ellison, Amos Glick, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Jarion Monroe,

Brian Rivera, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Michael Gene Sullivan, and special guest Francis Jue!

The MimeCast!


The MimeCast is a series of biographical podcast interviews of current and veteran members of the Tony and OBIE award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe which focus on their personal stories before their time with SFMT, their development as artists, and their lives in general.


Hosted by SFMT member Michael Gene Sullivan

Click here for list of MimeCasts!

~ First ~
The San Francisco Mime Troupe
acknowledge that, wherever we are performing, in every park or theatre, the Troupe is always performing on stolen land. 
Miwok, Washo, Pomo, Ohlone, Costanoan, Chumash, and so many more.
The Troupe 
also continues to stand in solidarity with those across the country protesting the brutal, violent, and systemic injustice inflicted upon Black Americans, the racist violence perpetrated upon Asian-Americans, 
and the xenophobic, hysterical oppression of our immigrant population.
To live without fear of death by the hands of police, to live without fear of death at the hands of domestic terrorists, to live without fear of economic oppression based on race - 
these are all things any American should be able to take for granted.
But the atrocities that are the root of those fears
are baked into the foundations of this country. 
We know that the United States was founded on stolen land, stolen labor, and that our institutions, the police specifically, were designed to maintain the inequality that benefits the owner class. 
We encourage you, our audience, to always be part of the revolutionary solutions to support the serious goal of dismantling white and Capitalist supremacy.


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