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Can the revolution be social distanced? With revolution in the streets while were all supposed to shelter in place, the economy on its heels while so many cannot work, with statues coming down, heroes wearing masks, and democracy crumbling, what is the Mime Troupe doing?

The San Francisco Mime Troupe presents ​Tales of the Resistance an original radio serial featuring 9 parts in four distinct genres that will run bi-weekly throughout the summer!

Four different story lines – told in the style of detective noir, adventure, horror, sci-fi – will culminate in a finale where all the narratives converge. Each episode is written and performed by Mime Troupe veterans and newcomers. The show will be in our signature style which includes – political comedy, biting satire, and catchy original music.


The series will air on local radio stations, including KALW, KMUD, KTDE, KZYX, and KSPF.

This Weeks Episode of Tales of the Resistance!


"Diagnosis Capitalism”
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Premiering September 12th
Episode 6:


The continuing story of "Novice Nurse Susie Terse!" - Can she continue to fight off the bureaucracy while fending off the corrupt Capitalist Healthcare Conspiracy? Or will she be locked up as a Cop hating Commie forever?

Catch up on Episode 2: "The Price of Infection"

In a world of corrupt corporate connivers and Covid contagion can Nurse Susie save the day?


Want to learn more about the topics discussed in Episode 6 of TALES OF THE RESISTANCE? Please join the Troupe, our community partners, and experts in the field in one of our facilitated post-listening discussions happening all summer long! Livestream with us on Saturday, September 19th @ 3-4pm

Premiering September 26th

Episode 7:



The continuing story of "Fear of the Dark" - Can Primo come to grips with his haunted past? Will he be able to be more than just a good cop? 

Catch up on Episode 3: "The Good Cop"

A MAGA hat wearing, right-wing immigrant Primo is tormented by his racist fears, and haunted by his hate when he’s caught in a protest for justice turned riot.


Premiering October 10th

Episode 8:


Science Fiction

The continuing story of “Dimension 2020" - No one could predict that Greg and Clya could either save democracy, or lock the country into an endless cycle of tyranny and oppression, but now they have a hard choice to make...

Catch up on Episode 4: "It Came From R&D!"

Greg seemed to everyone like a mild mannered software developer.
No one could predict the power his new invention, not even himself!


Premiering October 24th
Episode 9:


This epic will bring us through all of the tales so far, culminating in one last last adventure! Will the Resistance become a Revolution? Or will the fascist corporate overlords maintain their control over the workers?

Tune in to find out on October 24th!!!


Did you miss, "JADE FOR HIRE!"? Catch up now!

Episode 1:  "The Mystery of the Missing Worker"

With the deck stacked against him can Jade find the worker who seems to have slipped through the cracks?

Episode 5:  "The Case of the Wrinkled Egg"

Looking for work during a race and class war ain’t easy, But why was "Derrick" fired in the first place?
And what is the secret of... Jamazon.com?


Featured performers will include Rotimi Agbabiaka, Andre Amarotico, Michael J. Asberry, Velina Brown, Ellen Callas, Lizzie Calogero, Hugo Carbajal, Keiko Shimosato Carreiro, Elizabeth Carter, Milo Carter-Daniels, Marie Cartier, Marissa Ellison, Bob Ernst, Gillian Eichenberger, Amos Glick, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Marilet Martinez, Jarion Monroe, Brian Rivera, Michael Gene Sullivan, and many more!

help bring seeing Red into schools!

In the last few years we have watched (with pride) the growth and fierce commitment of a new generation of student activists.


Sadly, in most history and social studies classes not much is said about alternative political systems, workers rights and labor movements. In order for our future leaders and activists to create the world they deserve, they must learn about the struggles of our past.

Knowing that the presidential election of 2020 was going to be critical, we applied and received a grant to create a compact stage version of Seeing Red to bring to middle schools, high schools and colleges during the fall 2020.

However,  with the new reality of distance learning comes Plan B –Seeing Red- as a recorded radio play/podcast!

We have received a $10,000 grant from the NEA but it requires a match to fulfill the grant stipulations.

There is already significant interest from teachers who welcome this unique opportunity to bring Seeing Red's unique perspective on history, complete with study guides, into their virtual classrooms.

We need your financial support to match the NEA grant to make it happen!


With just 7-8 substantial gifts of $1000 or 14-16 large donations of $500 - in addition to all our supporters who always donate what they can - we will reach our goal!

You can also contact us if you know a teacher/school who would be interested in having access to Seeing Red!

The San Francisco Mime Troupe
is in solidarity with all the protestors across the country who are standing up for the rights of Black Americans, and fighting against the brutality of the violent systemic racism that has always been fundamental to America.
To live without fear of death by the hands of police, to live without fear of death at the hands of neo-Confederate terrorists, to live without fear of economic oppression based on race - these are all things any American should be able to take for granted.
But the atrocities that are the root of those fears are baked into the foundations of this country. we know that the United States was founded on stolen Black labor, and that our institutions, the police specifically, were designed to maintain the inequality that benefits the owner class. We encourage you, our audience, to always be part of the revolutionary solutions to support the serious goal of dismantling white supremacy.

The MimeCast!

The MimeCast is a series of biographical podcast interviews of current and veteran members of the Tony and OBIE award-winning San Francisco Mime Troupe which focus on their personal stories before their time with SFMT, their development as artists, and their lives in general.


Hosted by SFMT member Michael Gene Sullivan

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