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Too Big To Fail

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan
Directed and Choreographed by Wilma Bonet
Songs, Lyrics, and Musical Direction by Pat Moran

TOO BIG TO FAIL featured Velina Brown, Lizzie Calogero, BW Gonzalez, Ed Holmes, Lisa Hori Garcia, Adrian Mejia, and Michael Gene Sullivan. (During the 2010 remount BW Gonzalaz's roles were performed by Wilma Bonet.)

And band members Aharon Wheels Bolsta, James Mitchell & Pat Moran

"A story, a story!" cries the Griot. "Gather 'round, and I will tell you a tale of greed, and sacrifice, high finance, love, goats, and the terrible curse that tore our little village apart.. the evil, magical spell of... Credit! It all began at the wedding of Filije and Jeneeba! Filije was a fine man, who only wanted the best for his new bride. So when a mysterious Old Woman offered him a loan against Jeneeba's dowry goat - with low, low interest - he thought it was a wonderful shortcut to the prosperity he knew they deserved. How could he have guessed that the Old Woman was actually a Demon casting a Spell of Debt! Or that one missed payment would mean a repossessed goat? And so, with their future - and marriage - in jeopardy, Filije must begin an epic journey: through the Land of Privatization, over the Sea of Acquisition, facing demon after demon as he tries to cancel his debt, and get his goat back. But each struggle takes him one step closer to... Corporate Headquarters, and the Greatest demon of them all!"

"Meanwhile, Jeneeba is trying to warn the rest of the village about the Old Woman's evil Spell! But Credit Debt is already ensnaring them all, as they use their new Plutonium Cards to buy whatever their hearts desire! Can Jeneeba save the village from the Spells of the mindless consumerism the Old Woman is casting? Can Filije recover the dowry goat from clutches of a heartless bottom line? And can the new couple find a way to challenge a system of evil magic that seems created to cause misery, or is the whole Cruel Credit Conjuration... Too Big To Fail?"

Best Original Script, 2009 - San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critic's Circle
Best Musical Director, 2009 - San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critic's Circle
Best Ensemble, 2009 - San Francisco Bay Area Theater Critic's Circle

Too Big To Fail

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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