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Showdown at Crawford Gulch

Written by Michael Gene Sullivan
Score by Jason Sherbundy
Lyrics by Amos Glick, Michael Gene Sullivan, Ira Marlowe, and Jason Sherbundy
Directed by Keiko Shimosato
Musical Direction by Jason Sherbundy

SHOWDOWN featured Velina Brown, Michael Carreiro, Amos Glick, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Ed Holmes, Michael Gene Sullivan, and Victor Toman.

And band members Rob Broadhurst, Joel Fadness & Victor Toman

It's 1886 and a rust red sun rises on the sleep frontier town of Crawford Gulch, Texas, where the citizens live in daily terror of the Read threat. Only the questionably elected mayor and the heroic (?) sheriff can protect them, while the robber baron stands in the shadows waiting to acquire the last patch of prairie. Will the town wake up in time to save itself?

Showdown at Crawford Gulch

Poster by Spain Rodriguez

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